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Belizean Recovered Sinker Mahogany

Species / Wood Type:
Sinker Belizean Mahogany
Thickness Range:
4/4, 5/4, 8/4
Width Range:
5 - 20"
Length Range:
6 - 14'
Average Board Foot Price:
$30 and up
Buying Terms:
Minimal Purchase 1 Board
Kiln Dried:
Products Available:
lumber, guitar sets, ukulele sets, flitch material
genuine sinker mahogany- recovered after more than a hundred years from the rivers of belize
Description & Sample Photos:

This pile of Mahogany has to have one of the most interesting stories of any of our woods. We are calling it "Sinker Belizean Mahogany".... The wood is Genuine Mahogany that came from Belize (basically the same texture and color as the sought after Honduras Mahogany), but it is unique because it has been submerged under water in the rivers of Belize for 75 to 150 years! Back when Belize was a British colony they would float the logs to port. Occasionally the dense logs would sink. These logs were recovered in 2008 by a small Belizean outfit using small boats and pulleys to limit the impact on the environment... and we were fortunate enough to supervise the cutting.


To inquire about our stock please call 1.888.814.0007 or email: [email protected]

river in belize
recovering 75-150 year old mahogany logs
a mahogany log that has been recovered from the river- Belizean Mahogany
sawing reclaimed "sinker" mahogany in Belize
two sinker logs- illustrating color:  One freshly cut the other still shows the color from being submerged in the river
vibrant color- reclaimed mahogany
Beautiful Ribbon Striping ~ Belizean Reclaimed "sinker" mahogany
gorgeous color and ribbon striping - Reclaimed Belizean Sinker Mahogany
Great thick slabs of Belizean Mahogany- Reclaimed stock 75-150 years old
Fabulous color!  Reclamied Sinker Belizean Mahogany
ribbon striped sinker mahogany
crotch sinker mahogany
fantastic color, crotch in board to the right- Sinker Belizean Mahogany
thick boards of sinker belizean mahogany- perfect for solid body guitars
Belizean Sinker Mahogany- 75-150 years old









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