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Log / Flitch SKU #:
Species / Wood Type:
Total Weight of Flitch:
Thickness Range:
Average Width:
Average Length:
Total Board Feet Flitch:
Average Board Foot Price:
 $ 22.00
Total Price for Flitch:
 $ 952
Buying Terms:
Minimal Purchase 1 Board
Kiln Dried:
Available on E-Store:
Average Figure Level:
No Figure
Avg. Log Run / Flitch Quality:
Average Quailty  (Quality Typical to this Species)
Wood Picture

This is a beautiful flitch of large, wide Sapele- ideally cut for table tops. There are several almost flawless boards as well as some pith and outside cut boards. The pith boards would be great for rippings or counter/bar tops. The outside cuts do show some figure but most of the log is unfigured.

Please Note: Only one board remains in this flitch- Board 14294

Note: All boards availability and prices can change without notice. Measurements & Notes are only approximates! All boards below are from the same log. Please be patient with e-mail inquires. Glossary Below: Width (B) = Bottom Width; Width (M) = Middle Width; Width (T) = Top Width
SKU / Board #: 14294
Quantity: 1 Total Price: $951.91
Thickness Length Width (B) Width (M) Width (T) Average Width BF Total Weight BF Price
1.38 129.00 20.00 33.00 52.00 35.00 43.27 205.53 $22.00
Lumber Defects:  Checks;   Bark Pockets / Worm Holes;  
This is an outside cut board. There is one large bark pocket in the piece and directly abouve it there is a spot that would be the outside bark of the tree. Note that the length taken is only to the 20" hash mark at the bottom of the board. The remaining 6' of board is free of charge.

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