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Log / Flitch SKU #:
Species / Wood Type:
Walnut (Black Walnut)
Total Weight of Flitch:
Thickness Range:
8/4, 9/4
Average Width:
Average Length:
Total Board Feet Flitch:
Average Board Foot Price:
Total Price for Flitch:
Buying Terms:
Minimal Purchase 1 Board
Kiln Dried:
Available on E-Store:
Average Figure Level:
Heavy Figure (AAA)
Avg. Log Run / Flitch Quality:
Wider Material ; Above Average Quality; Figured Material
Wood Picture

unique shape, some checking in boards, beautiful crotch figure throughout, as well as curl figure from sides, very nice color and grain

Only 1 Board remains- Board B2

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Detailed wood picture of this flitch.
SKU / Board #: 9697B2
Quantity: 1 Total Price: $294.50
Thickness Length Width (B) Width (M) Width (T) Average Width BF Total Weight BF Price
2.00 57.00 22.00 34.00 37.00 31.00 24.54 104.30 $12.00
Lumber Defects:  Checks;   Bark Pockets / Worm Holes;  
less material and crotch figure than others, nice color and grain, outer board

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