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Plum title
Origin of Wood Type:
European Plum
Botanical Name:
Prunus domestica
Specific Gravity:
Avg. Weight Per BF (?):
4.5 lb/bf
Color Range:
Brown- Gold- Pink- Yellow- Purple
Rarity / Availability: (?):
Typical Avg. Width:
2" to 6"
Typical Avg. Length:
2' to 4' feet
Avg. Waste Factor (?):

Wood Uses:

Fine Furniture, Instrument Making, Inlaying, Box Making, Knife Handles, Tea Chests, Featured Panels, Flooring, Jewelry Boxes.
lumber Grades (?):

Select and Better, Flitch

Other Trade Names:

Plum Wood


This wood is just wonderful with its wide range of color. Varying from brown to yellow, to pink and even purple!

Often referred to as simply "Plum Wood", this timber shares the same genus with many other fruit and nut trees. More like it's cousins, peach and almond, than cherry in its growth habit, trees are often small or even "shrubby". Some European Plum trees bear thorns and all produce white flowers in the spring.

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