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How to Use our Flitch & Log Set Inventory:

This part of our website provides information on and pictures of our flitch inventory. With over 140 species and more than a million board feet of inventory it is hard to describe all the possibilities to the high-end furniture maker over the phone or thru e-mail. Therefore we have provided this resource to help assist customers in browsing, supplying individual board dimensions, pictures, and even pricing.

We have hundreds of flitches and boules that we consider unusual and special. This makes them worth the effort to have them available to view on the web. The boules are the entire log while the flitches only need to be three sequential boards. In most cases they all have been sawn edge-to-edge leaving the natural edges intact.

Our flitch inventory appears as a list. Each flitch is listed alphabetically by species. They can be viewed in detail by clicking on the gold text, thus entering the individual flitch pages which provide the customer with pricing, board dimensions, board descriptions and pictures of each flitch. Some flitches include photo galleries of all the pictures shot for this flitch.

We do not expect this resource to eliminate all concerns and questions about our products. We encourage telephone calls (please call instead of e-mailing; it is easier for us to explain our product over the telephone).

It is impossible for us to keep this website up to date daily, but we do update it weekly... so our inventory can change without notice. Lastly, I hope you enjoy this website and the products we offer. We spend a great amount of energy updating this section of our website to help aide with your next lumber selection. Enjoy!

Thanks, Brian Hearne

Big Bubinga slab being cut. Photo is entry point for virtual inventory

Attention Customers, please note the following:

  1. Golden text signifies a link! These links include pictures, board dimensions, board descriptions and some have pricing.
  2. Boards that appear wet have been sprayed with denatured alcohol to help show their natural color.
  3. All measurements are approximates.
  4. Inventory and pricing can change without notice.
  5. Once you have entered our flitch and log set inventory, under the welcome paragraphs, you can search by category including: all flitches, domestic species, exotic species, table tops, our favorites and even our most recently added flitches!
  6. This resource only covers our flitch and log run inventory. If you need pricing on grade lumber visit the Price List part of our website or for general information about a particular species please visit Our Woods.
  7. 95% of the flitches listed on this website, in our flitch inventory, are kiln dried. The only green flitches that can be found are in our Favorite flitch category. All green flitches will be noted if they are wet, otherwise any flitch that is not noted is dry.
  8. Due to our vast inventory, this list covers only a fraction of our actual flitch inventory, so please do give us a call if you do not see what you are looking for! Most green flitches are not listed. Reserving green flitches and custom cutting is available!
  9. To place an order you can either e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at 888-814-0007. We will need to know the flitch #, the board's #, your billing and shipping addresses along with a contact phone number. Lastly, we will need to know how you plan to pay for your order. If you have any questions concerning our policies- click here or on placing an order!
  10. Any other questions please call us at 888-814-0007.
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[email protected] or Call (888) 814~0007


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