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Here at Hearne Hardwoods most of our logs are cut into lumber, however every once in while we come across a log that is either too expensive or exceptional that it must be sliced into veneer. Once a year we send a container of our finest logs to be sliced in Europe.

All of our veneer is extremely fragile- the normal thickness is .5 mm. It is sold by the full slice and priced by the slice. On some products we may require purchase of the whole flitch. We do offer wholesale discounts on full and half veneer sets. Inquires can be made by e-mailing [email protected] or by calling 1.888.814.0007 / 1.610.932.7400.

Listed below is what we currently have in stock, but our veneer inventory is constantly changing. Please click on the yellow "flitch titles" to view individual sheet pricing, sizing and detailed photos.

(*Please Note- While we are happy to offer some of our veneer by the individual sheet, our $300 minimum order requirement still applies to phone/e-mail orders.*)

Veneer Flitch #:
Width Range
Average Length
Total Square Footage
Total Square Meters
Buying Terms
Amboyna- 00689 14.2 - 15 16.75 81 8 May Buy 1 Sheet
Bubinga- bubinga1 7-25 36 2489 231 May Buy 1 Sheet
Camphorwood- 779336 14.6 - 16.1 23.25 271 25 May Buy 1 Sheet
English Sycamore- syc1 4-8 123 8252 767 Must Buy Full Flitch
Koa- 13624 5-14 110 4684 430 Must Buy Full Flitch
Maple (Big Leaf Maple)- 1807134 5-7.5 125 2216 206 Must Buy Full Flitch
Olive (Italian)- olive2 4-8 60 3287 305 May Buy 1 Sheet
Redwood- redburl1 6-18 24 886 82 May Buy 1 Sheet
Satinwood- Ceylon Satinwood 5-15 106 3664 340 May Buy 1 Sheet


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