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In the lumber business it is always important to have a nice mill when cutting exotic timber.  We have always tried to cut logs with their natural shape leaving them wide as possible. In 2004, we finished construction on one of the biggest vertical band saws in the country enabling us to cut large diameter logs.  We bought an old mill from the Philadelphia Naval Yard that was used for cutting air craft carrier decking during World War II.  The mill was rarely used because steel became a quick replacement for wood decking and they shut the mill down. 

We bought the mill in 2002 and re – engineered it for custom cutting large table top size boards.  The mill can make a cut 67” inches wide.  The carriage is custom built from top to bottom using only a few of the original components.  The new computer controlled hydraulic carriage is a far cry from the original hand operated wooden sled. The engineering of this mill was headed by Steve Beiler the Sawyer of our company.  Our hats are off to Steve who did an excellent job of engineering and fabricating this amazing band saw mill.  He worked on the project for a year and a half and without him this incredible machine would not be possible.

saw mill cutting exotic wood
Sawing Exotic Wood
saw mill cutting exotic walnut wood

The sawmill has been running now  for almost 15 years and we have been fortunate to see some of the world’s most exceptional logs opened. Cut on smaller mills many of the plank’s stories would have been sacrificed or left uncompleted, but we get to read the whole book in this case edge to edge. We have cut hundreds of logs from all around the world. The mill is running  2 to 3 days a week so we are always replacing and expanding our inventory. Some days are extra special when we are cutting something “one of a kind”.  Whether it might be a large local Black Walnut or highly figured logs from Tasmania it is always a thrill to watch these beauties reveal themselves.

We will keep you posted as much as possible to the logs we cut on our band saw and will list these logs in several sections of our website.  We always maintain hundreds of flitches both dry and green.  For most of the dry flitches we offer detailed measurements, footages and descriptions to help aide the lumber buying process.

We offer hundreds of dry flitches in our flitch and log run set inventory section of our website. You can view the vast selection of exotic and domestic timbers that we have cut on this incredible mill.  There is also a large selection of wide table top flitches, 2’ to 7’ feet wide that can be found in this part of the site.  Some of these slabs can be in the  67” to 84” inch wide range and up to 20’ long. Look in our “favorites flitch” to view some of our all time favorites.  Below is our most recently cut logs and the photo gallery for these logs can be found by CLICKING HERE! These green flitches are listed to help give you a preview of future inventory.

Custom cutting is also available upon request.  You can select a log from our huge exotic and domestic log inventory and have it cut to your specifications. We also offer sawing services for customers with their own logs but it is very expensive.  Please inquire for our pricing and sawing schedule! For more information: 1(888)-814-0007 or email at [email protected].

Cutting exotic hardwoods
Cutting exotic hardwoods
Cutting exotic hardwoods
Cutting curly koa wood on our band saw
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