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There are people who make this country great. These are not celebrities or statesmen but just average citizens with strong morals and values. These are the people who love their children and families and are willing to sacrifice all that they have for those that they love. We do not always agree with them but we don't question their motives. Our Flooring and Maple Manager, Chris Tankalavage, is such a person. He enlisted for the first Gulf War wanting to defend his country. After Katrina he was a Red Cross volunteer. He is a devoted husband and father. He is the type of person who makes this country great. Now he is recovering from a neck operation and needs our prayers for a full recovery. Get well soon Chris!

~Rick Hearne

Recent News: A White Out!

News was a bit limited for us this month at Hearne Hardwoods. Rick made a trip to California to inquire about some Walnut Burl. Unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans... five feet of snow kept him from making his appointment!

For the rest of us, it was business as usual. Work is continuing on our new administration office, and warming temperatures has meant occasionally firing up the band saw. We are all looking forward to spring.

sawing Black Walnut

~Sawing Black Walnut

Internet Store: New Tools from Festool

Several new tools are being launched by Festool during the month of April; Including the EHL 65 Planer, the Kapex Cutting Extensions and the Rotex RO 150 Accessory Handle. Visit our Internet Store to view detailed information on any of these new products.

April's Featured Item: the EHL 65 Planer- a one handed use planer with an ergonomic grip and features a spiral, single-knife cutter head for clean quiet cuts. An integrated swiveling dust port accepts 27 & 36 mm hoses for a cleaner worksite. Click here for more information...

EHL 65 Planer

~EHL 65 Planer

Newsletter Special of the Month: 4/4 European Plum

The envy of even Easter eggs, we couldn't think of a more appropriate wood to welcome in spring with than European Plum. The color range is just spectacular. Beautiful pinks, purples, yellows and browns, dapple every piece, the perfect wood for high impact.

During the month of April, mention this offer and we will deduct 20% from any 4/4 European Plum purchase.

*Newsletter Specials are for Newsletter subscribers only. Please mention this offer when inquiring about our products or placing an order.

boards of european pear

~Flat Sawn European Plum

Featured Wood: European Plum

April's wood of the month is European Plum, Prunus domestica. This wood is just wonderful with its wide range of color. Varying from brown to yellow, to pink and even purple!

Often referred to as simply "Plum Wood", this timber shares the same genus with many other fruit and nut trees, however it is more like it's cousins, peach and almond, than cherry in its growth habit; trees are often small or even "shrubby". Some European Plum trees bear thorns and all produce white flowers in the spring.

Naturally a smaller plant, lumber therefore tends to follow suit. Normal widths range from 3-7 inches and lengths don't usually run more than 4 feet. Common uses include tea chests, jewelry boxes, inlaying, instrument making, featured panels, and for smaller rooms- dynamite flooring! On hand we have 4/4, 5/4 and 8/4 material.

For more information or to check pricing and availability please call (888) 814~0007 or email us at [email protected].

~To view additional sample European Pear photos Click Here.

sample of European Plum

~Sample of Figured European Plum- click here to see more.

Announcements: New Species- Umthunzi

Looking for something new? We always are! This month we have added a new species to our inventory--Umthunzi!

Umthunzi has lovely pink heartwood, similar to Swiss Pear or Pink Ivory. It is also rather dense with a fine texture. The biggest difference is the cost, Umthunzi is much more cost efficient with boards starting around $9.50 a board foot.

At the moment we have one flitch available. Slabs are averaging 12/4 thick, by 17 inches wide by 9 feet long. Click here to view more detailed information. For any additional questions or to place an order please call (888)-814-0007 or email us at [email protected].

sample picture of umthunzi

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Normal Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm, Saturday 8am-4pm. Walk-ins are always welcome.  Please call ahead if there are specific slabs you are interested in seeing.  We look forward to your visit.