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Traveling through beautiful alpine Austria and Italy last week once more I got to partake in the celebration of their seasonal delight of white asparagus. It was always picked fresh that day and was usually prepared within just a few hours of harvesting, what a blessing. This is the type of thing that makes life in the old world so compelling, they take the time to smell the roses, or in this case to taste the asparagus. There was a wonderful little street festival in Salzburg, one of my favorite cities in the world, people leisurely walking around listening to music, tasting wine and socializing. The cool thing was that there were whole families socializing together. A special thanks to my friend Helmut Spaeth for sharing this with me. Then it was on to Northern Italy with my old friend Tomaso Girotto to places where the cuisine is legendary. Oh, by the way, I found some really cool wood too! Be watching for curly apple and figured sapele.

~Rick Hearne

Recent News:

As Rick mentioned above, he spent some time in Austria and Italy this past month. After sampling the fair he also purchased some wood- lovely Curly Apple and Figured Sapele. ~Please click here to view sample photos from Rick's buying trip.

The Curly Apple is 8/4 material; it has widths up to 20 inches and lengths up to 12 feet. We expect to have the Apple in stock by the middle of July.

Early fall our Figured Sapele flitch should make its appearance. Beautiful swirly grain, this flitch will make fantastic tabletops with 4-5 foot widths and 16-foot lengths. 10/4 and 12/4 material will be available.

~For more information feel free to give us a call at (888)-814-0007 or email us at [email protected].

rick with sapele plank

~Rick with Figured Sapele Plank. Click here to see more!

Internet Store: Australian Goldfield Burls

Our Internet Store has a nice selection of rare Australian Goldfield Burls. These slow growing, extremely dense burls are named for the regions of Australia in which they grow- "the gold field regions". A few of the species that we carry are Rib Fruited Mallee, York Gum, Red Morrel and Horistes. All are known for their rich colors and tight burl patterns. Some products commonly made from these woods are knife handles, bowls, electric guitars, inlay work, and wood turning projects of all kinds. Once you see these beautiful burls, you may just want to leave them in their natural form- as a natural work of art.

**Please note, we expect to receive another container of Goldfield burls by the middle of next month; the new arrivals will be added to our Internet Store ASAP.**


A few other items that we carry from the Western Australia Goldfield Region are Banksia Nuts and "burls" so unique that we have categorized them as "Natural Wood Art".

Banksia Nuts are very similar to our "pinecone". They average about 8-10 inches long by 3-4 inches wide. While the surface of the "nut" has holes where the seeds have fallen out the centers are solid, making this an unprecedented choice for woodturning. These nuts would also make a wonderful conversation piece simply stacked in a bowl.

Our "Natural Wood Art" pieces are burls that could be used in furniture construction or on their own as a garden centerpiece etc. Some of these burls would make perfect table bases; they come ready to use; Mother Nature has already attached the "legs". Others are large chucks waiting to be carved into wooden sculpture.


~We strive to make your online shopping experience as easy as possible. Please email us with any suggestions that you may have to improve our site and/or with any items that you would like to see featured for sale. Contact us at [email protected].

picture of york gum burl

York Gum Burl - JE0072


example photo of banskia nut

Banksia nuts -whole, cut in half, turned into a "pear"

Newsletter Special of the Month: 10-15% off Internet Store Orders

In June we are running a secret sale only published to our Newsletter Subscribers! Make any Internet Store purchase over $100 and receive 10% off; order a $1000 or more and you can save 15%.

How does it work? Just place items into your shopping cart as normal, when you are finished click on "View Cart"... scroll down to the bottom of this page to where it asks "Redeem a discount coupon". Type one of the following codes into the white box labeled "coupon code" and hit submit.

ar0001 - if you qualify for the 10% discount (orders over $100)

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**Please note: Discounts are for Internet Store Items only! Discounts are for Newsletter Subscribers only- you must enter the above codes to receive the discounted price. Discounts are applied to the cost of the items; it will not be subtracted from the cost of shipping. Offer is valid thru June 30, 2008. **

australian burl table base

Australian Burl Table Base - MB0167

Featured Wood: Birdseye Maple

June's featured wood is a mutation of the common White Maple tree, Acer saccharum, also known as Sugar Maple, Hard Maple or Rock Maple. Mention this North American species and most people think of maple syrup or the North East's fall foliage, however this tree has another covert property- it can develop amazing figure! One of these curious figures patterns is "Birdseye", named for its speckled configuration; literally shaped like the tiny eyes of a bird. Old sawyers speculate that this phenomenon occurs when the maple trees grow on the north side of dense woodlots, areas that get very little sunlight.

While this stunning material used to be readily available it is becoming harder and harder to find. Typical boards run 3-8 inches wide with 4-10 foot lengths. Birdseye Maple lumber will normally have a mix of brown heartwood and white sapwood. It is nearly impossible to find pure white boards over 8 inches wide. Top quality Birdseye is most commonly used in luxury car dashboards, pool cues, gunstocks, guitar building, hardwood flooring, fine furniture and architectural millwork.

~To view more sample photos of Birdseye Maple/ Hard Maple click here. If you would like additional information please call (888)-814-0007 and ask to speak to our Maple Salesman, Chris Tankalavage. You can also email Chris at [email protected]

example photo of birdseye maple

Announcements: "Smoked Birdseye Maple"

Now that we have teased you with our "normal" Birdseye Maple we would like to show you a new item we are testing- Smoked Birdseye. Smoked Birdseye is the same thing as the original Birdseye, the only difference being its consistent golden brown color.

Currently we have a little over 120 board feet in stock but we can obtain more if we find an interest for it. Our material is 4/4 thick with 4-7 inch widths and 7-8 foot lengths. The figure ranges from medium to heavy. If you would like more information or to place an order please call (888)-814-0007 and ask to speak to our Maple Salesman, Chris Tankalavage. You can also email Chris at [email protected]

~To view more photos of Smoked Birdseye click here.

example of smoked birdseye

Business Hours:

Normal Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm, Saturday 8am-4pm. Walk-ins are always welcome.  Please call ahead if there are specific slabs you are interested in seeing.  We look forward to your visit.