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Someone once said to me, " If some one loses a job, it's a recession, if you lose your job it's a depression." There are many elements of our society that are really struggling right now and what we need to do is to try to support each other. If we share the burden it is not as heavy. We can also look at this as an opportunity. If you lost your job but you were not happy with it, maybe the money was good but your heart wasn't there with you, now can be the time to try to discover your dreams. If you love what you do, the money is not as important. This might involve realigning your value system as to where you live and what type of car you drive, but you might be able to spend more time with your family and friends. There are wonderful people living at all economic levels of our society, the ones I enjoy the most are the people who love what they do, not how much money they make. A slower life can also be an opportunity to develop a stronger relationship with the divine; I know I have had a lot of help in my life.

~Rick Hearne

Recent News:

Brian Hearne and Morgan Buchanan attended a Festool Training course in Las Vegas, Nevada. Along with Kyle Wegman, we now have three employees on hand who have completed the course and can help solve any of your Festool needs. They are also more than happy to give you a demonstration /one on one lesson before you purchase any tool. Feel free to stop in any time.


Rick Hearne spent a busy week in Europe. Starting in Germany to pick up Spessart Oak logs, then over to Austria for Austrian Pine, and finally to Italy for Italian Olive. These logs should be arriving some time this summer.

~Click here to view additional pictures from Rick's buying trip.


Give us a call if you would like more information concerning our new European material or about any of our Festool Products- (888)-814-0007.

rick standing in front of antique austrian pine~Rick in front of Antique Austrian Pine

Internet Store: Italian Master Grade Red Spruce Guitar Tops

We have received our shipment of top grade Italian Red Spruce Acoustic Guitar Tonewood Sets- and they are beautiful!! This quality is very rare and only available in a couple hundred sets per year. The sets are cut from the top grade logs found in the slow growing trees in the high altitude valleys of the Italian Alps. All the sets are then air-dried and when ready the very best are singled out for their tight growth rings and consistent pattern- these are the sets we have available for sale. Each set will yield 2 pieces that are book matched and will measure 3/16" (thick) x 8 1/2" (wide) x 22" (long) in the rough. Click here for more information or to place your order today.


~We strive to make your online shopping experience as easy as possible. Please email us with any suggestions that you may have to improve our site and/or with any items that you would like to see featured for sale. Contact us at [email protected].

alpine red spruce master grade guitar tops

Newsletter Special of the Month: Discounted Veneer Flitches

For the month of March only... we are putting our hottest new veneer flitch on sale. We are offering Ziricote Flitch- SKU#LH02500 for $7.00 a square foot if you purchase the entire flitch. Widths range from 5-11 inches, the length is 98.4 inches, and the thickness is 1/64 of an inch. This material is very cool make sure to check it out!!


We are also running an overall sale on any of our other whole log veneer sets. If you purchase any entire flitch we will take off 15%- please mention this offer or use coupon code LH032009 to receive your discount.

If you have questions concerning this offer or any of our Veneer products please call (888)-814-0007 and ask to speak to Lee Hearne; or email Lee at [email protected].


~How do you receive the discount if you are ordering online? Just add the whole flitch to your shopping cart, when you are finished shopping click on "View Cart"... scroll to the bottom of this page to where it asks, "Redeem a discount coupon". Type LH032009 into the white box labeled "coupon code" and hit submit.

**Please note: Discounts are for whole veneer flitches only. Discounts are for Newsletter Subscribers only- you must enter or mention the above code when ordering to receive the discounted price. Discounts are applied to the cost of the veneer flitch, it will not be subtracted from the cost of shipping. Offer is valid thru March 31, 2009. *

ziricote veneer~Ziricote Veneer sku#LH02500


quarter sawn english brown oak veneer~Quarter Sawn English Brown Oak Veneer

Featured Wood: Koa

Koa, Acacia Koa, is arguably one of the most beautiful woods in the world. With its range of color and inner glow it has captivated many admirers including our owner Rick Hearne. He has been quoted as saying"The spirit of the volcano lives in this tree and radiates from the lumber"- how true!

As with many beautiful things, comes high price, and Koa is no different. Koa is one of the finest and most expensive hardwoods that we carry. Not helping the price of this material is the rarity of the wood. Koa only grows on the Hawaiian Islands and the very finest material is only found at high elevations on The Big Island.

Our average material runs 4-20 inches wide by 6-10 feet long. We do also carry flitch stock material that can be up to 50 inches wide and have lengths up to 14 feet. We carry highly figured Koa as well as flat sawn. So no matter if you are looking to build high end furniture, a one of a kind instrument, or maybe even splurging on an amazing floor, we have the Koa to meet your needs.

For more information or to see more Koa sample photos please click here. For specific questions or to place an order please call (888)-814-0007 or email us at [email protected].

~Click Here to View our Koa Photo Gallery

koa floorThis is a photo of the Koa floor we have been installing in our new Administration Building.

Announcements: 12/4 Tiger Maple In Stock!!!

For a little over a year we have been trying to track down some 12/4 Tiger Maple for many of our customers to no avail. We are happy to pass on that we now have 1600 board feet in stock! The bulk of this three-inch material has 6-11 inch widths and 8-12 foot lengths. Figure ranges from medium to instrument grade. Also note, most of this material is W1F (white on one face).

If you have further questions or would like to place an order please call and ask for our Maple Salesman, Chris Tankalavage (888) 814-0007 or send him an email- [email protected].

3 inch thick tiger maple(Click to Enlarge)

Business Hours:

Normal Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm, Saturday 8am-4pm. Walk-ins are always welcome.  Please call ahead if there are specific slabs you are interested in seeing.  We look forward to your visit.