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This is an exceptional English Walnut crotch log and truly one of a kind! It is a crotch section from the third largest English Walnut tree in Pennsylvania. Every slab shows heavy figure from top to bottom and gorgeous color! ~ Hearne Hardwoods Inc. Nice table-top cherry log. Most slabs show some light to medium figure, and the color runs WILD throughout the entire flitch! Some slabs are nearly clear, while others have a lot of character- Something for everyone! ~ Hearne Hardwoods Inc. This is one of the largest Black Walnut logs that we have ever had the pleasure of cutting! It was so large that we had to split it first on the chainsaw mill just to fit it onto our bandsaw rig. The slabs have great color, beautiful grain and very little sapwood, rare for a log of this size ~ Hearne Hardwoods Inc.
Very nice Black Walnut log: Most slabs are nearly clear with beautiful color and grain to boot! ~ Hearne Hardwoods Inc. A beautiful character grade log. Fantastic color and grain, lovely medium - heavy figure along both natural edges and the majority of the slabs show a great feather crotch. ~ Hearne Hardwoods Inc. Don't miss this Oregon beauty! A gorgeous domestic Myrtle with fabulous color and heavy figure running through most boards. ~ Hearne Hardwoods Inc.
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