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Rick Hearne has been traveling most of the month and was/ is unavailable for comment...

Therefore the rest of the staff would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you for your continual interest in Hearne Hardwoods. We hope that you and your families had a safe and contented summer and we look forward to seeing you this fall!

~The Hearne Hardwoods Staff

Recent News:

The Hearnes are busy with buying trips...stocking up for winter.

Brian Hearne is on a trip to the Pacific Northwest in search of Port Orford Cedar- one of the worlds finest textured softwoods, most commonly used for tool handles. He is also shopping for figured Maple burls.

Rick Hearne is currently braving the swamps of Arkansas on a quest for large diameter Cypress logs. Commissioned to search for these giants, once found he will ship them "home" and we will begin custom cutting them into quarter-sawn material.

More info to follow on all of this material... once our salesmen return.


~Turkeys in Oregon

Internet Store: Sku #s TG0477- TG0502

Our Internet Store Manager, Tom Glackin, once again was highly productive throughout August adding many new products to our Internet store. A couple of items are listed below; a few others include Swiss Pear, Teak, English Oak Burr, and Black Walnut.

TG0494- Miscellaneous Exotic Hardwood Bundle: 5 boards total, including Bolivian Rosewood, Kingwood, Tulipwood, Bacote and Cocobolo. The boards have been jointed on one face. The only defects in the pieces are minor surface checking. Overall this is a great pack for someone looking to try out exotic hardwoods in small quantities. More info...

Three separate boards of Tasmanian Rose Myrtle: TG0498, TG0499, & TG0500. Boards range from 44-53 inches long with widths from 8-10 inches wide, all three are 4/4. More Info...


~We strive to make your online shopping experience as easy as possible. Please email us with any suggestions that you may have to improve our site and/or with any items that you would like to see featured for sale. Contact us at [email protected].

miscellaneous exotic hardwood bundle lumber pack~TG0494- Miscellaneous Exotic Hardwood Bundle

rose myrtle board~TG0500 Rose Myrtle

Newsletter Special of the Month: 10% off any Butternut Order

The temperatures are starting to dip making it a perfect time to warm up with an order of Butternut. As sunny as September corn silk, Butternut is easy to use and a cinch to match; great for any project. Even better, mention this offer and receive 10% off your order!

**Please note: Discounts are for Newsletter Subscribers only- you must mention this offer when placing an order to receive the discounted price. Discounts are applied to the total cost of the material only; it will not be subtracted from the cost of shipping. Offer is valid September 1, 2009 thru September 30, 2009. **

~To view additional Butternut samples pictures, CLICK HERE.

sample picture of butternut lumber

Featured Wood: East Indian Satinwood

East Indian Satinwood, Chloroxylon swietenia, is a very rare wood with an exquisite golden color and tight grain. In the best stock, the wood has a crystalline texture giving the grain the appearance of scattered tiny diamonds. Most of the East Indian Satinwood lumber comes directly out of Sri Lanka however the trees grow throughout India.

Often used in veneers, the European Veneer World refers to this species as Lemon Wood. Its other common North American name is Ceylon Satinwood.

Material typically runs 4-12 inches wide by 4-12 feet. The most common uses are for fine furniture, veneer, wood turning, and automotive & aircraft interiors.

sample picture of east indian satinwood

Announcements: Cataloguing Sinker Mahogany

A few months ago we announced that we received our shipment of "Sinker Mahogany" slabs. Throughout the summer we have taken on the pain-staking task of sorting and cataloguing every single board. What does this mean for you?... We now have book matched material available!!!

We do not have all of our available material listed online but you can get a taste by viewing: Sinker Belizean Mahogany Flitch a7966-a7975. Please give us a call to (888) 814-0007 if you would like additional information on this flitch or any of our other material.

cataloguing belizean mahogany flitches

Business Hours:

Normal Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm, Saturday 8am-4pm. Walk-ins are always welcome.  Please call ahead if there are specific slabs you are interested in seeing.  We look forward to your visit.

Hearne Hardwoods will be closed Monday, September 7, 2009. We wish you all a peaceful Labor Day!