* Update 12/29/2021 Most of this material has been sold.  Available Big Leaf Maple products can be found here: Big Leaf Maple or give us a call to discuss other lumber options:  1.888.814.0007.  Thank you!*
More cutting news – This time the mill is busy producing figured Big Leaf Maple lumber.  Curly and Quilted – Figure ranges from medium to exceptional!
5/4, random widths, lengths run from 96″-168″
This material was just cut; therefore, it is green/drying.
If you would like additional information, please contact: 1.888.814.0007 / sales@hearnehardwoods.com
Lumber Pile Sku Numbers:  M6315, M6316, M6317, M6318, M6319, M6320, M5301, M5302, M5305
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