Oregon Myrtle – Fresh Off the Sawmill

As promised, here are some photos of the Oregon Myrtle that recently arrived here at Hearne Hardwoods. It’s always an exciting time when new logs come in!

Myrtle is a treasure from the coastal forests of the American Northwest. It has a cream colored sapwood transitioning into heartwood that can range from tan to olive to gold, often with black streaks following the grain. The most desired pieces can be covered with fiddleback and/or burl figure. Also known as Oregon Myrtle, California Bay Laurel, and Pepperwood, it will freshen up your shop with its spicy aroma.

Myrtle is great for fine furniture, musical instruments, wood turning, and veneer. The majority of these boards are 142″ in length and 1.25″ thick. The width averages from 12″-24″. They will need dry time before they are ready to go! In the meantime, enjoy these photos and mull over your next project!