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Big Leaf Maple Burl #YNI03  (old #13822):
– gorgeous live edge
– outside is covered in distinctive barnacles
– length: 6′ 2″
– width(s): 55″ at the bottom, 45″ at the middle, 26″ at the top
– thickness: 16-22″
(all measurements were taken from the flat side)
Could be resawn into live-edge slabs/ table tops or is pretty enough to be left “as is”!
~ $4140.00
A Nargusta Knee Table Base #YNI02:
– “legs” span out to 6-6.5 feet
– approximately 24″ high/ tall
– beautiful color
– visible worm trail adds to the character

~ $3500.00

Petrified Wood Cookie #YNI01:
-The top is approximately 16″-22″ (depending on how you measure it)
-Almost 3.5″ thick

~ $1500.00