5/4 Persimmon:  Planed to show color ~ Our only native ebony.
We have about 150 board feet. The material does contain checking and voids. $20-30 a board foot depending on quality.
4/4 and 8/4 Spanish Cedar:  (South American grown – Cedrela odorata). A good option for outdoor furniture, doors, fencing, humidors…..
4/4: 8-9′ long x mostly 6-10″ wide. Approximately 600 board feet available.
8/4: 10-12′ long x mostly 6-11″ wide. Approximately 800 board feet available.
Redwood Burl Slices: Most are 8/4 thick. Random shapes – some are as long as 5′ and as wide as 38” (tapering at each end). $50 per board foot.
If you would like additional information, please contact:  1.888.814.0007 or email sales@hearnehardwoods.com