unloading reclaimed sinker redwood
Brian and Mason Hearne with some of our reclaimed sinker redwood logs


We recently received two truckloads of  Redwood Burls and Sinker Redwood Logs & Lumber!

What is “Sinker Redwood”?  Pre 1883 hand cut Redwood logs were floated down river to sawmills (in our story, to one on the banks of Humboldt Bay, California).  It is estimated that 1/2 of these timbers sank along the way or in the bay.  Before the conservation laws of the mid 1990s, salvaging outfits were reclaiming the wood for sale.  Now any remaining logs must remain where they lie.

How then were we able to acquire these beauties?  Out of necessity, government officials decided to deepen Humbolt Bay, and to sell the logs that they recovered.  Lucky us…Lucky you!

What was on our two trucks?  Logs, Burls and Lumber.  Smaller timber and some lumber will be processed into Tonewoods.  Burls and large logs will be sawn into Live-Edge Slabs.

(A fun side note:  Most recovered Sinker Redwood had been resting on the bottom of waterways for 100+ years.  During that time they often absorbed minerals from the silt that not only deepened the natural color of the wood, but at times added wild swirls of blue, purple, black, yellow and/or maroon!)

Click any photo below to view our gallery.  For more information:  Please call 1.888.814.0007 or email sales@hearnehardwoods.com.