satin walnut wood, red gum wood


Satin Walnut is quartersawn curly Sweet Gum.  This species needs to be quartered due to its nervous disposition.  It is used for high end veneers and lumber.

*** Please Note:  All walnut slabs and walnut lumber can only be sold kiln dried with the bark removed.  This applies to all members of the walnut family (Juglans) which include but are not limited to Black Walnut, Butternut, English Walnut, European Walnut, Claro Walnut and Persian Walnut

Characteristics of Satin Walnut

Origin of Wood Type Eastern USA
Botanical Name Liquidambar styraciflua
Specific Gravity 0.56
Avg. Weight Per BF 3.25 lb/ bf
Color Range Cream – White – Red – Brown
Rarity / Availability Please call for availability – 1.610.932.7400 / 1.888.814.0007
Typical Avg. Width 2″ to 10″
Typical Avg. Length 8′ to 12′
Avg. Waste Factor 0.3
Wood Uses Furniture, Doors, Hardwood Flooring, Trim, Plywood, Boxes, Crates, Panels, Baskets and more
Lumber Grades Quartersawn (FAS), Quartersawn (1 & 2 Common), Veneer
Other Trade Names American Red Gum, Red Gum, Gum, Sweet Gum, Sap Gum, Hazel Pine

Call for availability: 1.610.932.7400 / 1.888.814.0007