We are testing a new stock item (testing = to see if you like it):  4/4,  random width and length Ambrosia Maple.

Ambrosia Maple is Soft Maple, Acer rubrum,  and can sometimes be referred to as “Ghost Maple”.

This product is also sold as “WHND Maple”.  WHND means Worm Hole No Defect, which is kind of confusing because the lumber can and does have defects.  What it actually means is that the worm hole is not graded as a defect.  … And this is funny because the hole is not caused by a worm, it is caused by a beetle.  Isn’t buying wood fun?!  🙂

For more information or to place an order, please contact Ed: 1.888.814.0007 or  ed@hearnehardwoods.com