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  • Domestic timber that has been widely used for almost all projects
  • Light colored like Maple with a coarse grain like Oak
  • Excellent wood for baseball bats

Characteristics of Ash

Origin of Wood Type Eastern North America
Botanical Name Fraxinus americana
Specific Gravity 0.66
Avg. Weight Per BF 3.00 lb/ft
Color Range White-Gold
Rarity / Availability Readily Available
Typical Avg. Width 3″ to 12″
Typical Avg. Length 8′ to 12′
Avg. Waste Factor 0.3
Wood Uses Tool Handles, Church Pews, Fine Furniture, Cabinets, Veneer, Flooring, Baseball Bats, Pool Cues, Oars and many other uses
Lumber Grades Common 1 & 2, Select and Better, FAS, Quartersawn, Quartersawn (Figured), Flitch, Figured (Heavy), Figured (Medium), Veneer, Premium
Other Trade Names White Ash, American Ash, Canadian Ash
Ash Lumber Pricing
Ash Hardwood Flooring

Ash Lumber Sample Photos

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