Sustainability is Everyone’s Responsibility

Hearne Hardwoods Inc. is committed to sustainable forest management. We go to great pains to make sure the products that we sell come from legal sources who practice sound forest management. To this end, we have invested in a rosewood plantation in Central America that includes a nursery and a sawmill. We are “building” a forest for our children and grandchildren. These plantations are not monocultures but are diverse ecosystems of indigenous trees and plants that allow the local communities to prosper from the land. We have not only planted rosewood trees but also mahogany, cedar, avocado, mango, and orange trees in the tracks. When the trees are young they will grow among corn stalks, as they get bigger they will shade organic coffee bushes.

In the wild forests we replant fifteen saplings for every tree we harvest. These trees are GPS marked on the forest management plan and the locations are given to the government so that future generations will be aware of the resources. We take sustainability very seriously!

rick hearne planting rosewood
Rick Hearne Planting Rosewood Trees
Rosewood Yearling on our plantation
Rosewood Yearling
rosewood tree on a coffee farm
Rosewood Tree on a Coffee Farm
watering rosewood saplings
Watering Saplings
Rick Hearne in our Sapling Nursery
Rick in Our Sapling Nursery
Planting a Rosewood Forest on a Sustainable Harvesting Coffee Farm
Starting a Rosewood Forest on a Sustainable Harvesting Coffee Farm
Rick Hearne Cutting Cocobolo on Our Mill
Rick Hearne Cutting Cocobolo on Our Mill