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  • Although Port Orford Cedar is not a true cedar it does possess a fantastic fragrant scent when sawn, a bit spicier but similar to the smell of aromatic cedar.
  • Port Orford Cedar is favored by the Japanese for its wonderful work ability.  It was and still is often used in their furniture and temples.
  • Perhaps its biggest claim to fame is its use in timber framing, held by some to be the best wood for the job.
  • Oregon Cedar is also frequently used in guitar building.  It finishes beautifully and produces a great sound.
  • We have in stock several tractor trailer loads of salvaged logs just waiting to be cut.  Feel free to give us a call if you need specific dimensions for your next project.  1-888-814-0007
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Characteristics of Port Orford Cedar

Origin of Wood Type Oregon and California, USA
Botanical Name Chamaecyparis lawsoniana
Specific Gravity 0.48
Avg. Weight Per BF 4 lb/ft
Color Range pale pinkish brown – pale creamy brown
Rarity / Availability Salvaged Material – please call for availability:  1-888-814-0007
Typical Avg. Width Material is in log form – awaiting custom cutting
Typical Avg. Length Material is in log form – awaiting custom cutting
Avg. Waste Factor 0.5
Wood Uses Fine Furniture, Cabinetry, Architectural Millwork, Guitar Building / Instrument Making, Boat Building, Timber Framing, Veneer and more
Lumber Grades Instrument & Unselected – Still in log form
Other Trade Names Lawson’s Cypress, Oregon Cedar
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