gabon ebony wood


Gabon Ebony is the benchmark for black in lumber.  It has been treasured through the ages from statues found in Egyptian tombs to the fret boards on violins.  A very dense wood with specific gravity of 1.2, it is usually only available in widths less than 6” and lengths less than 48”.

  • Extremely dense, tight grained wood
  • Used extensively in musical instrument production
  • Excellent for carving
  • One of the purest black woods
  • Very expensive
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Characteristics of Gabon Ebony

Origin of Wood Type Africa
Botanical Name Diospyrus crassiflora
Specific Gravity 1.2
Avg. Weight Per BF 5.33 lb/ bf
Color Range Black
Rarity / Availability Moderately Rare
Typical Avg. Width 3″ to 4″
Typical Avg. Length 3′ to 5′
Avg. Waste Factor
Wood Uses Piano and Organ Keys, Musical Instrument Parts, Wood Turning, Wood Carving, Inlaying, Box Making and many other uses
Lumber Grades Select and Better, Billets, Premium
Other Trade Names African Ebony, Cameroon Ebony, Kribi Ebony, Madagascar Ebony
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