jarrah wood


Jarrah is from Australia and a member of the eucalyptus family.  It has red colored heart wood that is very dense and can be highly figured.

Characteristics of Jarrah

Origin of Wood Type Australia
Botanical Name Eucalyptus marginata
Specific Gravity 0.8
Avg. Weight Per BF 5.42 lb/ bf
Color Range Red – Dark Brown
Rarity / Availability Readily Available
Typical Avg. Width 6″ to 20″, occasionally found up to 60″ wide!
Typical Avg. Length 8′ to 16′, sometimes longer available
Avg. Waste Factor 0.3
Wood Uses Architectural Millwork, Cabinetry, Ship Building, Heavy Construction, Shingles, Rafters, Flooring, Furniture and many other uses
Lumber Grades Quartersawn (Figured), Flitch, Burl
Other Trade Names None known
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Sample Pictures of Jarrah

Please Note: The photos below are examples of the species and may no longer be products available for sale.

All pictures of wood that appear wet, have been sprayed with denatured alcohol to show the natural color.  We use denatured alcohol because it evaporates and does not affect the moisture content.