african mahogany wood


African Mahogany is becoming more popular due to the large price increases in Genuine Mahogany.  It has a very similar color and graining, but it is not as stable.  The trees can grow to be quite large, so it is possible to find wide, long, clear boards.  From a sustainability standpoint, African Mahogany grows in rich ground that is not nearly as delicate as the Amazon basin.

Characteristics of African Mahogany

Origin of Wood Type Africa
Botanical Name Khaya ivorensis
Specific Gravity 0.59
Avg. Weight Per BF 3.25 lb/ bf
Color Range Brown – Pink – Red
Rarity / Availability Readily Available
Typical Avg. Width 4″ to 15″
Typical Avg. Length 8′ to 12′
Avg. Waste Factor 0.3
Wood Uses Fine Furniture, Cabinetry, Boat Building, Musical Instruments, Veneer and many other uses
Lumber Grades FEQ, Quartersawn, Quartersawn (Figured), Flitch, Crotch (Figure)
Other Trade Names Khaya
African Mahogany Lumber Pricing
African Mahogany Hardwood Flooring

African Mahogany Lumber Sample Photos

african mahognay wood sample pics