sinker belizean mahogany wood


We call it “Sinker Belizean Mahogany”.  The wood is Genuine Mahogany from Belize, basically the same texture and color as the sought after Honduras Mahogany, but it is unique because it has been submerged in the rivers of Belize for 75 to 150 years!  Back when Belize was a British colony, they would float the logs to port.  Occasionally the logs would become water logged and sink, while waiting for the rainy season’s flooding to carry them down river.    Some of these logs were recovered in 2008 by a small Belizean outfit using small boats and pulleys to limit the impact on the environment.   We were fortunate enough to supervise the cutting and have been working with these men ever since.

  • Amazing color
  • Develops a patina unseen in freshly cut mahogany
  • Excellent tonewood
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Characteristics of Sinker Belizean Mahogany

Origin of Wood Type Belize
Botanical Name Swietenia macrophylla
Specific Gravity 0.64
Avg. Weight Per BF 3.33 lb/ bf
Color Range Light to Dark Reddish- Brown
Rarity / Availability Call for Availability:  1.888.814.0007  /  1.610.932.7400
Typical Avg. Width 4″ to 15″, can be found up to 30″ wide
Typical Avg. Length 4′ to 16′
Avg. Waste Factor 0.50
Wood Uses Fine Furniture, Cabinetry, Architectural Millwork, Guitar Building / Instrument Making, Wood Turning, Wood Carving and many other uses
Lumber Grades Common 1 & 2, FAS, Quartersawn, Quartersawn (Figured), Flitch, Figured (Heavy), Figured (Medium), Veneer, Crotch
Other Trade Names Belizean Mahogany, Genuine Mahogany, Sinker Mahogany, Central American Mahogany, Zopilote Gateado, Araputanga, Mogno
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