snakewood wood


Snakewood (or Letterwood) is one of the most exotic woods in the world.   Named for the pattern found on the face of the boards, Snakewood has one of the most unique figure patterns.

  • Used for violin bows
  • Very dense
  • One of the most expensive lumbers, often sold by the pound or kilo

Characteristics of Snakewood

Origin of Wood Type South America
Botanical Name Piratinera guianensis
Specific Gravity 1.3
Avg. Weight Per BF 6.75
Color Range Red – Brown – Black
Rarity / Availability Rare
Typical Avg. Width 2″ to 8″
Typical Avg. Length 2′ to 6′
Avg. Waste Factor N/A
Wood Uses Violin Bows, Wood Turning, Inlaying, Veneer and many other uses
Lumber Grades Select and Better, Flitch, Billets, Turning Blocks
Other Trade Names Letterwood, Amourette, Bourra Courra, Leopard Wood, Speckled Wood, Letterhout, Polo Do Oro

Snakewood Lumber Detailed Pricing:

Species Thickness Grade Figure Type Width Range Length Range Price Per BF
Snakewood Unselected Unselected None 2.00″ to 10.00″ 12.00″ to 60.00″ $300.00

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