burmese teak wood


Teak is the industry standard for the marine boat building industry.  With its legendary durability and beautiful grain, teak is the lumber of choice for sail boats and yachts.  It has also been used in the automobile industry on the dash boards of classic Mercedes Benz S series cars.  Teak is still harvested in some parts of the world with the help of elephants.

  • Used for fine veneers
  • Prized for marine use
  • Durable for outdoor use
  • Blunts tools due to silicates in the fiber
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Characteristics of Burmese Teak

Origin of Wood Type Asia
Botanical Name Tectona grandis
Specific Gravity 0.65
Avg. Weight Per BF 3.33 lb/ bf
Color Range Golden Brown – Dark Brown
Rarity / Availability Available
Typical Avg. Width 6″ to 8″, can be found up to 30″ wide
Typical Avg. Length 6′ to 8′, can be found up to 16′
Avg. Waste Factor 30% & up
Wood Uses Furniture, Cabinetry, Architectural Millwork, Boat Building, Outdoor Construction, Flooring, Garden Furniture and many other uses
Lumber Grades FAS, Flitch, Figured, Premium
Other Trade Names Burmese Teak, Mai Sak, Pahi, Sagwan, Tekku, Kyun, Sagon, Tegina, Tadi, Jati Sak
Burmese Teak Lumber Pricing