french walnut wood


French Walnut is the name under which most European Walnut is marketed.  Other European Walnut is sold as Italian Walnut, Persian Walnut, German Walnut etc.  The species is Juglans regia, or Royal Walnut, and is one of the most admired hardwoods of all time.  Many of the finest antiques were made from French Walnut.  The heartwood color ranges from medium brown, to tan, to orange and can contain black spider web streaks or vein noir.  French Walnut can also be highly figured and have beautiful curl and crotch figure.  Most French Walnut is steamed to match its counterpart in veneer.

  • Fine veneer
  • Gunstocks
  • Architectural millwork
  • Fine furniture

*** All walnut slabs and walnut lumber can only be sold kiln dried with the bark removed. This applies to all members of the walnut family (Juglans) which include but are not limited to Black Walnut, Butternut, English Walnut, European Walnut, Claro Walnut and Persian Walnut

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Characteristics of European Walnut

Origin of Wood Type Europe
Botanical Name Juglans regia
Specific Gravity 0.64
Avg. Weight Per BF 3.50 lb/ bf
Color Range Light – Dark Brown – Gold
Rarity / Availability Readily Available
Typical Avg. Width 4″ to 16″, can be found up to 60″ wide
Typical Avg. Length 6′ to 12′, rarely found up to 16′
Avg. Waste Factor 1
Wood Uses Fine Furniture, Cabinetry, Architectural Millwork, Wood Turning, Gunstocks, Wood Carving, Doors, Veneer and many other uses
Lumber Grades Flitch, Figured (Flitch), Burl
Other Trade Names English Walnut, French Walnut, European Walnut, Italian Walnut, Circassian Walnut, Persian Walnut, German Walnut
European Walnut Lumber Detailed Pricing