english yew tree


English Yew Tree may be the most elegant softwood.  Displaying an array of colors from amber to pink, Yew Tree’s tones continue to develop as they age, getting richer and richer.  Yew Tree at its best, can be found with pip or eye.

  • Rustic elegance
  • Beautiful pip figure
  • Can have deep amber and/or pink heartwood
  • Traditional wood for the English long bow

Characteristics of English Yew

Origin of Wood Type England, Scotland, & Ireland
Botanical Name Taxus baccata
Specific Gravity 0.67
Avg. Weight Per BF 3.5 lb/ bf
Color Range Gold – Orange – Brown
Rarity / Availability Not Readily Available – None currently in stock – Call For More Info 1.610.932.7400
Typical Avg. Width 3″ to 15″
Typical Avg. Length 6′ to 10′
Avg. Waste Factor 1
Wood Uses Furniture, Architectural Millwork, Bow Making, Outdoor Uses, Wood Turning, Wood Carving, Fences, Posts, Veneer, Cabinetry and many other uses
Lumber Grades Flitch
Other Trade Names Common Yew, European Yew, English Yew Tree, Yew Tree

***Call for availability: 1.610.932.7400***