ziricote wood


Ziricote has about the closest grain resemblance to Brazilian Rosewood of any lumber, although the color is darker and lacking the reds and oranges.  It is a superior furniture and musical instrument lumber.  With its very fine texture and high density, Ziricote will take a satin finish with just sanding.  The grain carves beautifully and is often used for sculptures.  Ziricote is very rare and expensive.

  • Superior exotic hardwood
  • Extremely fine texture
  • Used for acoustic guitars
  • Best for smaller projects because of size limitations and weight

Characteristics of Ziricote

Origin of Wood Type Belize and Mexico
Botanical Name Cordia dodecandra
Specific Gravity 0.55
Avg. Weight Per BF 4.00 lb/ bf
Color Range Gold – Brown – Black
Rarity / Availability Rare
Typical Avg. Width 2″ to 9″
Typical Avg. Length 2′ to 8′, sometimes longer available
Avg. Waste Factor 0.3
Wood Uses Fine Furniture, Cabinetry, Architectural Millwork, Veneer, Boat Building and many other uses
Lumber Grades Common 1 & 2, Select and Better, Flitch
Other Trade Names Salmwood, Ecuador Laurel, Princewood

Ziricote Lumber Detailed Pricing:

Thickness Grade Figure Type Grain Orientation Width Range Length Range Price Per BF
4/4 Premium None Flat Sawn 2.00″ to 10.00″ 24.00″ to 96.00″ $80.00
4/4 Unselected None Flat Sawn 2.00″ to 10.00″ 24.00″ to 96.00″ $70.00
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