inceana wood


  • True member of the acacia family
  • Very slow growing wood that is rarely found 8″ or wider
  • Rosewood like color
  • Similar chatoyancy┬áproperties as Koa
  • Can be found highly figured
  • Primarily used for musical instruments, knife and fishing rod handles

Characteristics of Inceana

Origin of Wood Type Australia
Botanical Name Acacia inceana
Specific Gravity over 1.00
Avg. Weight Per BF 6 lb / bf
Color Range Brown – Red
Rarity / Availability Rare
Typical Avg. Width 1″ to 6″, rarely found 8″ or wider
Typical Avg. Length 1′-3′, sometimes longer available
Avg. Waste Factor
Wood Uses Guitar Building / Instrument Making, Inlaying, Box Making, Knife Handles and Other Small Projects
Lumber Grades Billet, Turning Block
Other Trade Names Desert Acacia

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